Many people know Forrest Goetsch as the 14-year old D.C. Everest student who collapsed and died during warm-ups at cross-country practice on September 21, 2009, but that is just the sad conclusion to a story that ended way too soon.

Forrest Goetsch was born on August 22, 1995 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield, WI. He was born 7 weeks before his due date and spent over a month in the neonatal ICU in Marshfield before coming home. That was the beginning of a long relationship Forrest would have with doctors and hospitals. Forrest was also born with a rare facial deformity. Before Forrest was old enough to start kindergarten, he had numerous jaw surgeries.  Despite the medical challenges that Forrest had to face in his life, he had great perseverance, dedication, determination and motivation to succeed in life, school and sports – especially running. He never felt sorry for himself about the challenges and surgeries that he would have to face in the future. He looked forward to the future and dreamed of going to college at Duke and playing basketball for Coach Krzyzewski.

Forrest made many friends during his life and was loved by all who let him into their lives. Forrest truly lived each day to the fullest and had a wonderful sense of humor. He loved to tease his family and friends and play practical jokes.  Forrest loved sports and spent much of his free time playing soccer, basketball, golf and running. He also enjoyed the outdoors as well as hunting and fishing with friends and family. There are many things that we have learned from Forrest in his short time with us, the most important of these being – Live your life everyday without feeling sorry for yourself and always take time to tell the people you love that you love them everyday.

This scholarship fund was created through the contributions of many donors, to perpetuate the memory of an outstanding young boy who lived life to the fullest with no regrets. Because Forrest’s life here on earth had such a profound impact we wanted to celebrate his life and honor his memory in a permanent fashion. Forrest Goetsch Charities a 501 (C)(3) is dedicated to recognizing outstanding achievement in our communities by youth and/or organizations who have helped others through difficult times or who have personally overcome challenges in their lives.